For those of us who follow property and real estate developments in the country, know that Janet Kanini Ikua is the face of the most popular property show on our local screens. She has been missing for quite some time now, and now we know why.

Janet took to her Facebook page to announce the unfortunate news of her diagnosis:

4 weeks ago I came to India seeking a medical answer – well I found it, and it was not what I expected. At all.Before I write more, let me explain that my case of Deep Vein Thrombosis is not the typical case. It has gone on for a while so I don’t want anyone who gets it to be anxious that their journey will be the same as mine. Usually, anyone with DVT will go through the initial stages same as mine – a swollen leg, painful foot that makes it difficult to walk, hospitalization to stop the clot growing and return normal blood flow through the leg, plus anti-thrombotic stockings and blood thinner pills for a few months to dissolve the clot and ensure that it doesn’t travel to the danger zone – heart and lungs.Usually within 6 to 12 months DVT disappears though it can recur later, otherwise you can get back to work and life as usual even during treatment.

My case of DVT has turned out to be a symptom of something else, something more. Hence its stubborn refusal to respond to blood thinner pills and my reliance on Clexane injections that should ideally be used for 10 days – instead I have used them for more than 3 months.

So here’s what the latest medical reports say.
Lung cancer. Stage 4, meaning it has spread from the primary lung site into lymph nodes.
Clearly my body is staying true to my love for drama and theatrics because a blood clot has also decided to hang out in the heart muscle. Doctors have called it ‘organized’ – yaani it’s fixed in the muscle with little chance of moving so I’m safe from that. We can focus on treating the cancer.

It has taken me weeks to decide to publicly admit that this is the diagnosis. One reason is that it is not advised to give voice to sickness. What you declare is what is. However I realize that discussing this condition over the past 3 and half months has helped people – those with similar symptoms, those with other ailments and those who are affected by caring for the sick. I know that sickness is not my portion, and if by sharing my experience I can help to educate and comfort others, then so be it.

We at Insyder wish her and her family additional strength and encouragement during this trying moment