The current pool draws make me feel like being on my worst behaviour towards the organizers of KSSSA. Those guys never loved me! At least they didn’t show me no love when they were coming up with the draw. This is probably the hardest Power Ranking I have ever had to do. Anyway, let me put my reputation on the line once again, and present the KSSSA 2015 National Ball Games Power 8 Rankings for BBall…
Insyder BBall Power Rankings8. Wajir High

Wajir High School BoardHeight deficiency has never been a problem for this region, it’s just they lack in Vitamin ‘W’… they don’t WIN. Hope I’m not being too harsh, but it doesn’t matter what team comes from Northern Division, it rarely makes any impact. Wajir High will be no different this year. They are an unknown force, and that could make it tricky for… non of the 3 other teams in their group!

7. Kathungi

More famous for losing out to Uppah in the 2013 National Football Championships, the Highlands Division champions Kathungi are coming into Nakuru with some hopes of at least making it for the semi finals. They have two things going for them; they are in the ‘weaker’ Pool A, against St. George’s (Coast), Menengai (Mau) & Kapenguria (Nzoia), and they have sporting pedigree – they reached the 2013 national football final, losing out to Uppah. The school they lost to in the national finals are the current BBall national champions.

6. Kapenguria

Kapenguria BoysMr. Embeli’s boys go into the 2015 national championships rather bullish. They’ve built themselves one of their best team in ages, and been drawn into Pool A couldn’t have come at a better time. Just like their Highlands Division counterparts, Kathungi, Kapee will be looking at nothing short than a semi final finish.

5. St. George’s

The Coastal Division has traditionally produced some of the best ballers in Kenyan high school. Last year, St. George’s finished fourth and are one of the favourites to top Pool A. Their only undoing could be the lack of solid support, but the boys from Kilifi could surprise the hosts and actually top the group. I don’t see them going one better than their fourth position last year though.

4. Menangai

Never have Mau Division’s hopes been higher than 2015. The Division plays host to the 2015 National Championships, and Menengai High will be playing in very familiar grounds. The battle for top honours in Pool A will be between Menangai and their Coastal Division rivals St. George’s. The problem is, it doesn’t matter who comes out top in the Pool, as they will meet with any of the following top 3 teams

3. Bush

Making it to the Top 4 after a long time is Bush. The boys from Aberdare overcame their perennial rivals Mang’u to make it to the national championship. If there’s a team I pick to unfortunately go out in the pool stages, it will have to be Bush. It’s really painful to write that, especially having worked so hard to represent their Division.

2. Maseno

Maseno School BBall

Otula’s Boys are back in the mix, and this time, they could be making a much more serious attempt for the title. For once in 3 year’s, Uppah are without some of the key all-conquering players. Two-time National Championships MVP (2013 & 2014), Mugambi, will be missing from Uppah’s line up, and Maseno really fancy their chances this year. Bush & Uppah stand in their way, but should do they do away with both in the Pool of Death, then their name could be written in the title they last won in 2012.

1. Uppah

Ajak Bol 2015 MVP 29 pointsThere’s nothing more that can be written about Uppah’s BBall team, other than the fact that they will be gunning for their 3rd straight national title. And no one can doubt that, considering the ease in which they brushed aside perennial national champions Laiser Hill.

Ajak John Bol DunkLed by their 6’10” centre Ajak Bol, Uppah will be looking to solidify their name in high school BBall history by winning the title for the 3rd time in a row.

Video Source: NTV

Story by Tha Cheer Leader