powerI have great passion for art and so I randomly check for clips and different art-related stuff on YouTube. Have you come across a clip by 50 Cent on YouTube dubbed ‘Music is my sport’? Well, if you haven’t check it out. Curtis “50 Cent” has explored his rough past through music and for G-Unit fans like me, you can attest that 50 Cent has passion for story-telling. Despite releasing a new album “Animal Ambition” which hasn’t really received much air play, I noticed he has been using his story telling skill elsewhere, in Film and TV. So when I realized that the super rapper cum producer has a series cooking, I was so anxious to check out what exactly he was up to since I must confess that POWER is the first Film/TV work produced by the rapper that I have come across.

power....Power is an American drama TV series that premiered in June this year. Originally created by Courtney Kemp Agboh (“The Good Wife”) and produced by 50 Cent, it is a visionary crime drama that is set in both the vicious drug trade and the splendid New York club scene. In the series, James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) seems to have it all. That perfect kind of flashy lifestyle most of us, if not all of us wish to have! Ahem: an amazing Manhattan penthouse, a gorgeous wife, and the coolest and hottest upcoming nightclub joint in New York dubbed ‘Truth.’ The club caters for the infamous and famous exclusive individuals that run the 24/7 operational city. Therefore, the success of the club grows in no time, which motivates Ghost to plan on building an empire out of it. Nonetheless, the club conceals an ugly reality as it is home to the criminal underworld of Ghost who runs a drug network that serves the powerful and the wealthy.

power..I’m sure you’ve all heard if not known or seen in the movies how hard it is to quit drug networks once you are involved. As such, the prospect of a legitimate life seduces Ghost that almost everything precious to him becomes threatened and as a result, he finally wants to leave the drug world and go legitimate but that’s easier said than done. Once you’re in, can you ever get out? Well, I love the series already and would give it a personal rating of 7.7/10. I can’t wait for season two. Grab your season one copy of Power if you still haven’t and let us know what you think.

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