pretty girls

Screen grab from the ‘Pretty Girls’ music video

“Pretty Girls” is collaboration between the Australian rapper and the currently Vegas-residing pop star Britney Spears. No power struggle here, the two actually share their singing vocals on the chorus, we have the proof, “Also for the record Brit and i are both singing the chorus’s together… i guess you guys aren’t used to hearing my singing voice :-)”

The relative ‘oldness’ of this song does not deem it unworthy of a review, so we’ll give it one. To begin with, I’m a firm believer in gender empowerment, girl power anthems have me belting out in solidarity. BUT, while that could be assumed intention of the song, it comes across as an awkward attempt at clinging to a youth that is fast eluding her -on Britney’s end (what with all the tried and tired attempts to squeeze into unflattering crop tops that only work towards making her seem dated.

pretty girls2

Pretty Girls Cover Art Photo Credit:

 On the other hand, it doesn’t help that Iggy continues to feed us some more of that watered down, vapid rap. Where is the Iggy that did ‘Work’ and made us want to become independent young selves? This vacuous rap she’s feeding us, (in my opinion of course) only goes to play up to the fact that she is making a caricature not only of herself, but of a genre that predates her.

Audiophiles might enjoy this song, given how the bubbly electro-trap beats lend themselves to the sassy rapping.

If you haven’t already, watch the video here and let us know what you make of it.


By Vera Maina