When was the last time you heard Prezzo’s music? Well wait no longer, because he’s about to make his come back soon!prezzo

The rapper is currently in Tanzania working on a project with the one and only Mr. Blue. Prezzo himself revealed this in a post of a photo of him with Mr. Blue in the studio. The two are sure this first project will be a huge hit, pulling fans from both Tanzania and Kenya. This collaboration is something new for Prezzo who is known for working alone.


We got another one with my likkle broda
@mrbluebyser1988 coming soon……. #Rapclelency #TrulyUnruly #TheMakiniTeam.

He also posted a photo of him with the renown video producer Hanscana, who is also suspected to be part of this new project.


Last night tulikuwa na kikao na topic ilikuwa ni kwanini tusafiri nnchi za nnje kufanya video na huku tuna camera, talent,  location na ma director wakali? Mbona hela ziende kwengine na zisibaki
kwetu? Haya mtihani kwako

Can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

By: Joan Rangara