Prezzo and Jaguar have been beefing the longest time ever and they squashed their beef over the weekend.

Check out this one time that Prezzo ripped apart Jaguar in an interview with Betty Kyalo.

Jaguar, real name, Charles Njagua,went on twitter to post this photo with Prezzo with the caption, “met up with my colleague and brother CMB For long, we chose to walk on different paths despite chasing the same dream. A lot was said over the years, but we have decided to rise above our differences and focus on the betterment of our entertainment industry.”

Jaguar has in the past referred to fellow musician Prezzo as a socialite who was not worth beefing with. The Sunday evening reconciliation has obviously struck conversation as KOT reacted to it.

Here are some of the replies.

We hope that they maintain their new friendship and that they will hopefully brew something great together!