I think Kenyans are still trying to grasp what went down yesterday when Betty Kyalo hosted rapper Prezzo as a guest anchor during the prime time news.

When the show went on air Betty Kyalo reached out to say hi to Prezzo who instead stood up and gave Betty a rather awkward hug, that would set the stage for a very long night which saw Betty admit along the interview as one of the hardest interviews she ever did.

During the interview Prezzo seemed absentminded and some would say drunk as he touched his face and chin looking away as Betty tried to interview him. The affluent rapper said he’s father would be the president if he was still alive. Prezzo who was debuting a new song ‘Mrembo’ said he had taken time off to study and would soon be called Dr Jackson Makini as he tries to continue with his father’s legacy.

When asked if single Prezzo jokingly said he was involved with Beyonce who left him for Jay Z. The interview would get even more awkward when Prezzo complemented Betty Kyalo on her dress right in the middle of the interview and occasional touching her hand leaving Betty red faced and embarrassed but she kept her cool.

Prezzo seemed to have reignited the beef with Jaguar after he made fun of Jaguar towards the end of the interview when he was told to read the news script which he surprisingly turned down claiming he was short sighted and couldn’t see the teleprompter. He denied knowing Jaguar and couldn’t even pronounce his name.