The beef between these two celebrities has been on going for a long time now, with no signs of ever reconciliation.

But what really started this beef ?


During the interview on KTN, when Prezzo was asked whether he knew Jaguar, he said that he only knew a car and the animal that go by that name. A clear indication of the kind of hate that still existed between the two. But it wasn’t always like that between them. During another interview on an East African radio show, “Strictly Kenyan”, Prezzo revealed the reason for their fall out.prezzo (1)

According to the rapper, Jaguar had badmouthed him and used his name to climb the ladder to fame. Prezzo said that he didn’t see the point of Jaguar’s behavior, since as far as he knew, bad mouthing was a woman’s job.FevaTV-Jaguar-e1421168875361

There you have it, so what do you think, is this reason worth all that hate?

By: Joan Rangara