“The production posters circulating on social media were not all our own”

Despite the allegations against them and the ban by KFCB and police, the organizers have come out to say the event will still go on and the accusations are false.eventregistratie-1024x640

The so-called “ratchet house party” brought up a lot of concern with the slogan it was going by,

” No one goes home a virgin”.

This is what caused the banning, but now the organizers, Ultra Life Africa, are blaming Royal Media, for passing on wrong information. They explained the reason they didn’t have a venue was because they were yet to get in touch with the ticket holders. Therefore the event wasn’t a house party. They also claimed that some of the posters in circulation aren’t theirs. They posted a press statement to Royal media, the public and other related institutions explaining the same.

the email posted
the press statement posted

But if what they say is true, then who posted the posters that contained their logo, stating that it was a house party and all other compromising activities? Whether or not they speak the truth, you’re all cautioned to attend at your own risk. photojoiner-8

the posters that were being circulated
the posters that were being circulated