Police have put planners of a party dubbed Project X on notice, saying any illegalities committed will be dealt with according to the law.

A tweet posted on the Kenya National Police Service account said the party as announced could be associated with activities that “run counter to our moral fabric and in breach of law”.

What you need to know about Project x…

Project X in Kenya, Nairobi- Kileleshwa: “One night to lose your mind,” reads the party’s slogan on a poster that has gone viral on social media. The poster describes Project X as a house party that will take place in Kileleshwa on March 12th from 6PM to 6AM.

On March 12th history will be made.. Chiqs, dudes and a whole lot of booze. Come experience the house party everyone is talking about. No rules, no regulations, carry your own high, whether its herbs, pills, everything is legal

Many Kenyans have expressed anger towards the organizers of the party, some saying that its demonic and should not be allowed. Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura said that the ‘sex party’ needs to be stopped at all costs, adding that the organizers just want to to cash in on ‘our vulnerable youth’

We as The Insyder are totally against any form of such parties. The youth need to be responsible in whatever they do. Alcohol and drugs are a no no!. You do not need to get high to have a good time