Online comedy is the big thing nowadays. We really do not have to wait for a week to watch Churchill show to have a laugh, no. Day in, day out comedians are

getting into the digital platform. They have their own accounts, especially on YouTube where they do their videos and post. Eric Omondi for instance, has pulled so much followership and built a large fanbase. Besides, he has received deals from different companies that want him to advertise them in his videos. He also has gigs where he performs. He has introduced his partner-in-crime Chipukeezy, together with who they make parody videos of famous movies.

Another one is Njugush. He of the ‘Real Househelps Of Kawangware’. Njugush is known for not only his size, but also humor. The lad can do a parody of anything. His social media pages are a shoal of humorous videos. In one of his latest videos, he has made fun of a popular governor who lost in the recently-concluded party primaries. Besides that, he too has a YouTube channel where he does other videos.

However, there are other comedians who have come out of nowhere and taken the comedy world by storm. Like the Propesa group for instance. They came with a kalenjin swag and have become a brand. Their trademark start of ‘Hello Williams, Ni sisi…” has gained popularity and how they pick on words made by Kalenjin politicians to use in their videos is just awesome. They go with the trend, the current political trend. And they can come to the ‘press briefing’ in slippers and pyjamas’. See one of the videos they did below.

Then we have Desagu. Henry Desagu has also emerged to be one of the most hilariously creative (or is it creatively hilarious?) guy. He does his comedy in a Kikuyu-accentuated English. Everything he does has a Kikuyu accent. Then he calls himself the secretary general of Team Mafisi. He is a very hilarious guy. He has done parody on various songs and also has tried political satires. In his latest video, he has made fun of Waititu and his English. Check out a video of himself below;