We all love making money, and the easiest way to make money always becomes popular with more than seventy percent of Kenyans, who are the youth. That’s why gambling and sports betting is so popular among the youth. But then, there’s a new money-making technique in town- Public Likes. This is a new site that is offering it’s users money by just clicking on some ads and referring people to click. Now, Public Likes has ads in it’s page, and a person who’s signed in to it is called a ‘starter’. At the ‘starter’ stage, you can only like up to 5 ads a day, which translates to fifty bob a day. You earn 10 bob for every ad you click on. That means it shall take you a hundred days to reach 5,000 bob which is the least amount of money you can withdraw.

However, you can upgrade your status to the Basic plan whereby you will have 25 ads to click on hence make 250 bob a day. That means in a span of twenty days you’ll have what you’d have made in a hundred days as a starter. Seductive, no? Well. You have to pay 4500 to upgrade your account to this. If this one is not enough, or if you wanna take more risks then you still can upgrade your account to Premium. This one will allow you to like up to 50 ads a day. Which means in a month (30 days) you will have 1500 ads to click on, which translates to a whooping 15K!

Well, there’s a Gold plan where you subscribe for 90k and the daily number of ads you can click on in a day is 100. Which means in three months you shall have clicked on a nine thousand ads which shall have given you back your money and as a result, everything after that shall be your profit.

Now, these guys pay a very high amount of money to people who basically do nothing other than upgrading and buying bundles to click on the ads. How do they make their money? Many people are arguing that this is a pyramid scheme that has started by enticing users with easy money. By making the users get easy money, they will have more users upgrading to Premium and Gold plans then vanish into thin air with the money.

Seven million Indians were conned money worth Sh. 50B by a company called SocialTrade, which was operating more or less the same as Public Likes. SocialTrade was paying a bob for each like. Then one day the users logged in to find the ugly “Error 503” message! One minute, one hour, one day, then forever! So, imagine you’re in the second month of Gold plan, almost paying back your money in full before that happens. What do you do?

Is this a pyramid scheme? Be the judge. If you play, use little money. Withdraw your stakes as soon as they hit the minimum amount you can withdraw.