Eric and his fiancée Chantal are definitely one of the hottest celebrity couples in Kenya. They are always flaunting the love they have for each other.

However in what seems to be a leaked video, there is some trouble brewing in paradise, or is it?

In the video released by SDE , the two are involved in a heated exchange over cheating allegations at a popular Nairobi restaurant.

Chantal is seen angrily confronting a clearly confused Eric Omondi over airtime allegedly sent to other girls by the comedian.

Why are you sending her airtime, and she is not the only one,”

Chantal shouts

see, there are transactions of 200, 500….”

She continues angrily.

Eric is then heard denying the claims.

The confrontation then ends as she she angrily dumps a drink at the comedian’s face before storming off.

However if you keenly watch the video, you may notice that it appears acted out. Could this be one of the couple’s latest publicity stunt? See for yourselves below