High school alumnus ,dropouts and anyone who went through the system then listen to this. Punishments that you used to hate made high school life the most interesting. Teachers also never failed in coming up with ideas on how to make students lives miserable.

These sickening moments always gave students something to look back and celebrate. Apart from shaping behaviour, some of these punishments were a relaxation moment for the ‘criminals’. One would be given a punishment to complete within an hour but just because classes were boring on that particular day , the punishment lasted the whole day.


Different schools had their own means of punishing students. This is of course after the banning of the ‘rod’.

Here are some of the worst punishments as rated by Insyder lovers:


This had to be the most absurd kind of punishment. One would mimic the movement of the frog. What made it worse was not the movement, the pain that accompanied the jumps made the punishment unbearable. Teachers and prefects seemed to enjoy each and every moment as they made the frog jump distances extremely long. Funny thing about this is number of casualties that fell to the punishment grew, seems people never learnt a thing.


If you never encountered this torture then you need to go back and redo high school. Well, for a punishment i guess you would not. For this punishment, one had to crawl on the ground just like how military men do their field drills. Whatever made this thing worse was how dirty one would get in the end. Bear in mind, guys never fancied washing clothes each and every day. That made work even harder, imagine undertaking the punishment and then having to stay with those dirty clothes till end of day.


If this ever landed on your plate, I am pretty sure you made so many enemies. Imagine having to clean corridors and people keep passing along where you have cleaned. This is where one felt like killing another person, but obviously murder is a crime. One thus had to redo his job to attain satisfaction from the prefects or teachers.


If your school had pigs then you know this tops the list of all punishments. Imagine washing an animal destined to live in dirt, it actually enjoys not being clean. One would be given a whole day to clean pigs. By the end of the day after one has cleaned them all, the pigs restore factory settings to extra dirty. That means one one had to redo the punishment the following day. This is where being smart came in. Wash the pigs and place then in a clean room, hoping they wont die from all the cleanliness.

Well, we all survived these punishments and without then high school would be the most boring place on earth.