World Javelin champion is was reportedly offered 1billion Kenya shillings by the Qatar government to ditch his Kenya citizenship and assume a Qatari one.

yego 3
According to POLITCA Qatar officials were spotted in the athlete’s hotel room in Beijing immediately he won gold for Kenya and tried to persuade him to accept the convincing offer.

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A hotel attendant (a Qatari national) who did not not want his name disclosed told Bandao Broadcasting Media Corporation that three men asked him about Yego’s whereabouts including the room he had checked in. After refusing to show him, they had to disclose to him that they had been sent by the government to convince the recently concluded IAAF World Championships gold medalist to accept the Qatari citizenship and play for them.


They only confined to him after realizing that he was one of their own. They even disclosed the amount they wanted to offer Yego telling him that when Yego becomes Qatari and wins gold for Qatar, he too will be proud as a Qatari.
It is then that the man decided to direct them to Yego’s room although Yego turned down the offer saying he was proud being Kenyan. After Yego declined, they told him to go and think about it and should he change his mind, call the number that they wrote down for him. When POLITICA contacted the Chinese Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao, he denied the allegations saying he has not heard anything like that. yego 2
The Qatari government is often accused  of poaching talented sportsmen and women from their native countries by hoodwinking the with fortunes. They once tried to buy former Harambee Striker Dennis Oliech by offering him Ksh200 million but the striker turned down the offer.

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