image 1Well, well, well… from the look of things going down at Nax Vegas, it appears like Quabbz have given their long-time brother skool the boot!

Since they touched down at Nax, Laiser Hill Academy rugby hotties have been the toast of the town. Galz from all over the country have been ogling at their finely chiseled bods, cool style and of course outstanding rugby skillz. From what we hear in Nax, Quabbz have been smitten by the Laiser Hill rugby boys.

But first, Laiser Hill? Yep, them dudes. You see, Laiser Hill earned the right to represent the Metropolitan Division (which consists of Nairobi, Makueni, Machakos and Kajiado Counties) in rugby. This after Patch, Quabbz’ brother skool, failed to make it even to the Division Finals. This meant that Quabbz would be going to the Nationals without the company of Patch.

Back to Nax Vegas. So Laiser Hill were playing Bush yesterday, and they destroyed them. I mean, they malizad those guys. They chomped them up and spat them out as minced meat! I think you get the picture. Anywayz, until they got blown away by Laiser Hill, Bush Boiz were like the coolest cats at Nax Vegas. Then Laiser Hill happened.

I think this picture speaks more than all the words I have written…
image 2

Read the full story of this on-going love saga in the May issue of The Insyder. I promise you, it’s going to make those Mexican soaps seem like a puppy love story!

 By: Tha Sniper (Coz u know you’d better sleep with your eyez open)