When is the best time to start having sex? How do I ensure my sexual reproductive organs are healthy? Should I have sex because my peers are having sex? There are times you find yourself with so many questions but very little answers. What can one do if they fear to talk to someone about sexual issues? Well worry not.

Ask Nivi, a digital platform for reproductive and sexual health queries is here to save the day. The site initially known as mPango enables its users ask any sexually related questions. By any trust me I mean questions of all kinds can be posed to Nivi and you will get answers instantly. It allows  individuals to receive personalized advice, tips, recommendations and referrals for contraceptives as well as rate their experiences. For a younger audience Nivi will answer even the simplest of question like ‘ what is the best time to start having sex.’


Nivi sends its results through Facebook messenger and SMS via mobile phones, even basic feature ones. This is cool because people who may not have smart phones are also catered for.

Another cool thing about the application is it acts as a google map for doctors. By this what do I mean? It means if you are ready to take up a  sexual and reproductive health service, they will refer you to the nearest clinic. This is because they have a wide database of them all around the country. I know you feel excited just hearing about that.

To get all your questions answered, get started using this link: http://m.me/askNivi?ref=insyder which is via Facebook messenger. It quick, simple and free.

Here is how their Facebook messenger app looks like:

Their SMS line is even easier to use. One simply needs to send the word “Connect” to 22684.

What are you waiting for? Get started right now via: http://m.me/askNivi?ref=insyder

For more information on Nivi, visit their website here.