“Am very tired of all the lies”, says R-Kelly. After “Surviving R-Kelly” documentary was aired i have had difficulties digesting the accusations. I grew up singing and listening to his jams. His music was food to the soul, then all these skeletons out the closet. I cannot fathom.

Gayle King from CBS This Morning’s show interviewed R-Kelly. This was his first time talking about the accusations. R-Kelly denies all the sexual abuse allegations and blames it on the power of social media. R-Kelly playing victim to manipulate his audience. Good play Kelly, though not convincing enough.

“You killing me, meein! This is not about music. I want to create a relationship with my kids but i cannot do it”, cries R-Kelly. I almost fell for it. That outburst was just proof enough of how violent he can get when his buttons are pushed.

R-Kelly says he needs help, because people keep betraying him and he keeps forgiving them. Blame it on your big heart Kelly!

The singer also denies claims that he is keeping one of his girlfriends hostage against her will. Family says Joycelyn Savage, who lives with R-Kelly has been brainwashed by the singer. They have not seen her for awhile. They are concerned and they are demanding for answers.


My hope is that everyone involved gets justice.

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