The RAFIKI film is the talk of the whole town. the film’s ban was lifted by high court judge Lady Justice Wilfred Okwany. This is due to the fact that the film was nominated to be screened in the 2019 Academy awards under the best foreign language film. For the film to qualify for the spot, it has to be released for viewing in Kenya.

The movie was banned by the Kenya Film and Classification Board. Its controversial topic on lesbianism prompted the move by the board claiming that it does not conform to the beliefs and cultural systems in Kenya.

The film portrays a romance relationship between two girls living in a Kenyan urban setting. In Kenya, the issue on lesbianism is illegal and the girls relationship is widely discriminated against. The film is based on African literature, Jambula tree by Monica De Nyeko from Uganda.

The film has attracted so many sponsors for the week long event. Wanuri Kahiu, the film director of RAFIKI says the Kenyan film industry has grown and recognized in the international market. This is due to more sponsorship for films to be produced.


The RAFIKI film is set to be screened at the Prestige Plaza on Ngong road during daytime as stipulated by the judge. The dates are set from 23rd to 29th September 2018. The film’s crew is positive that the movie will be a success.