Have you ever layered so much in the morning and by the time it’s afternoon you are cursing and regretting? Nowadays, the weather is so unpredictable.Sometimes, one might leave your house in the morning when it’s really cold.  By the time it gets to noon, one is already burning from what you wore. Here are tips to dress for an unpredictable weather:

Sweater tops

This is a really good life hack. You can just wear it with jeans or a skirt and you will not need to add a sweater.

Sweat shirts

For men, this is a really simple way to dress when you are unsure of the weather. The shirts go well with jeans or sweat pants. Trust me, when the sun is up, you won’t feel like you are being cooked alive.

Apart from being a fashion statement, it can also be used to protect you from cold and also keep you cool enough when the sun is all out there.

Palazzo pants
Palazzo pants are all the rage now. The outfits bring the 80s back. On top of all this, Palazzo pants can be worn in any weather.

Tights are very versatile. They are comfortable and can be styled up with almost anything.


Jeans are the preference for most people. They are comfortable and can be worn at whatever time, in whatever weather.

Sweat pants
Without doubt, many folks love sweat pants. They have moved from being a bedroom wear to a favourite attire for any casual event. And not just that, an ideal shoe for such a weather goes a long way.

Nothing accompanies a good outfit like comfy shoes:

Ankle boots
Ankle boots are really comfortable with both cold and warm weather. While boots are traditionally known for cold weather, ankle boots never go wrong when the weather is unpredictable.

Rubber shoes
Nothing is more comfortable than rubber shoes. Even better, they match well with anything, I mean anything that you decide to wear on the top. And you won’t have to worry about cold feet

Sneakers are both fashionable and comfortable. These are the type of shoes that won’t make you feel like your feet are burning. They will not make you want to take a break or wish the day ends quickly.

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