Ramo Wear is a cloth line that was established in 2012, an idea sparked off by mere speculation that bloomed to fruition. It’s name is a play on the names of the founders, Rachael and Moses and stands for the brand that over the years has become a household name among teens.


Initially, as Moses explains, they worked jointly with Rachael on projects but with each mantaining his own creative pulse and sticking on their separate fashion lanes till Rachael left. Afterward, Moses decided to keep the brand name and push on despite the setback. In retrospect, it paid off as abandoning it at that stage, while seemingly the available option, we would not have a Ramo Wear to talk about.

Ramo Wear deal almost in everything, with a heavy leaning on street wear so you’ll find them stocked with sweatpants, hoodies, crop tops, hoodies while still having suits and official attire as well. It doesn’t stop there. They also deal in shoes and handbags, preferring tp go African with these and have a mix of colours on them.

They are a team dedicated and innovative meaning they get work done. We’ll be having a look at their various clothes as the week progresses and these are clothes you definitely wanna see.

Meanwhile, you can check them out on social media:

Instagram: Ramowear

Facebook: Ramo Wear

Their store is located at Odeon Cinema along Dubois Road opposite Perida Business Centre stall 36B

Joe Black