skirt blownAll of us have those I-want-to-die-moments. You feel as though you want the world to spare you the shame by swallowing you up. Well here are some embarrassing moments that you can and SHOULD avoid.

1. Walking into a lamp post.

The next time you are thinking about texting without looking where you are going, think again. It doesn’t matter what type of phone you have and want to floss about, that glory can turn into a series of red cheeks and regret. It also can happen when you are so focused on talking to your pals you just don’t see it coming. So beware!

2. Slamming into a glass doors.

Sometimes we quietly curse those cleaners who do their job so well. When your mind is miles away and you are given a rude awakening to reality by the imprint of clear glass on your face. It might be at work or in a mall… I can’t imagine dealing with the shame of having about 20 pairs of eyes, plus, staring at me in wonder as they hold their urge to laugh.

3. Trying out a ring that you’re not planning to buy and it gets jammed on your finger.

This one is out of painful experience. I went to a store in town and saw these awesome rings on display. So I figured”Aaaah, why not try out one.” As soon as I shoved it down my index finger, pulling it out became a headache. So the guy at the counter is grinning at me and I’m thinking “It’s not even funny.”  So I asked the price since it had now dawned on me that I’ll have to go home with it and force it off through the ‘kienyeji’ style of using soap. To cut the long story short, I was relieved that it was an affordable one.

4. Walking by a fan with a free dress/skirt.

I have seen vines and funny clips of this happening and just the bare thought of imagining myself in that position gives me a huge scare. So ladies, when you get out of your house rocking that free dress, critically think of the routes you are going to pass through. I can’t imagine a scenario of you flashing weird colored panties to an amused crowd.

5. Leaving lipstick marks on cups.

This is a shady move 101, especially when your date is either professional or romantic. The guy (if he has standards) would not be impressed. So read on how to prevent that from happening.

6. Calling your girlfriend the wrong name.

“Hey Lisa, oh sorry, crap! I meant Louisa.” Guys, you don’t want to make this mistake. She might dump you. It might be an innocent mistake but it might cause you a lot of drama in your relationship; avoid it.

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