Only the coolest lecturer or what?!

Strathmore University lecturer of the School Of Humanities and Social Sciences,literally used Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics of the song Vanity Slave to set a question.


Seems like even the older generation knows just how cool and sensible Kendrick is.He doesn’t just drop lines and rhymes,he speaks.

The photo of the paper,which must have been taken by one of the students,has brought social media into a buzz;Facebook,Twitter and even Whatsapp loves it.

Okay,thing is,we don’t see such things everyday here in 254.

Especially in our local universities.

Strathmore is setting some standards I see :).

Imagine such a lecture… you definitely won’t find yourself supporting your head and pretending to be seriously jotting down notes while the lecturers talks.

Big Up to the brains behind this!