The 20 year old rapper, XXXtentacion whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy and has over 8 million followers on Instagram just got shot in his car at 4 pm. The rapper was coming from a motorsports store when two black men In hoodies in a dark SUV shot and killed him in an apparent robbery. Shortly after, the X’s nurse confirmed that X was dead. This came as a shock to the whole world, nobody could believe this.

The crime scene and vehicle where XXXtentacion was shot dead

XXXtentacion became a hit back in 2016 when his single “Look at me” went viral on social media and the audio reaped big on Soundcloud. He then went on to be featured in XXL’s freshman class of 2017 of upcoming rappers.


He released his debut album “?” which premiered at no. 1 on the billboard with the hit single “sad” peaking at number 7 on the billboard for 15 weeks. The rappers songs were full of positivity and passion for a better generation free of hatred and racial discrimination. In his first hit song “Look at me” he talks about the positivity that should be cultivated in todays youth. At the end of the video, XXXTentacion spoke about violence and American youth.

“Are you willing to risk your child’s future due to your own bigotry? The choice is yours, but your child will not stand for the hate. This generation will be loved, nurtured, heard and understood.”

X was a good soul gone to soon! May he rest in peace.