Selena Gomez’s third album is here for us to judge and criticize and love. Except there is nothing to criticize about it. As far as pop album perfection goes, “Rare “is it.

The 27-year-old “Ain’t me” singer really outdid herself this time. “Rare”, which comes five years after her previous album “Revival” is in its core, Selena.

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The 13-track album comes after Gomez went through the worst of time. She dealt with lupus, a kidney transplant, anxiety and break-ups from high profiles exes The Weekend and Justin Bieber. With this new album, she gets to tell us her journey to healing, her reconciliation with pain and heartbreak and best of all, her decision to finally let the love and light in, to love herself and allow herself to be loved; because she deserves it.

The opening track of the album; “Lose you to love me”, which she dropped October 2019 and which also topped the Billboard Hot 100, speaks of about avoiding situations that make you feel like a supporting character in your own story, about reaching the epiphany that your own healing and happiness are just as important as everyone else’s.

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When she finally dropped the whole album to us, it was everything we expected and more. It is an album beautifully raw, it is the best of her.

The tracks all collided magnificently;  the instruments, the overtones, the harmonics; the raw lyrics; Selena’s voice;  all fused to form this perfect healing piece that is so relatable yet so astounding.

Some of the tracks in the album include Rare, Vulnerable, a sweeter place, Dance Again, and Crowded Place to mention but a few.