Its no secret that Bongo’s sexiest, Ray C has had tough luck when it comes to love. What with past heartbreaks and addictions, she was at some point headed the Britney Spears way but she got things into control. She is on methadone treatment for her addictions at present and hasn’t made sensational headlines yet.

However, she recently announced a search for a husband and said she was accepting applications and as it was, men(fisis) turned up in huge numbers, hitting five hundred suitors by the third day. The diva though seems to have been disappointed and took to instagram to declare her love for our president.


I never knew Uhunye had a lovable accent. Against whose? Obako maybe. Still, Ray has to watch her moves well, the First Lady has had some marathon training and could easily land in Tz.

It will be interesting to see Uhuru’s comeback though,no?

Joe Black