Ray C is hands down one of the most talented female singers to hail from Bongo land . The star’s music journey was cut short when she got into drugs. The terrible ordeal disrupted her career and obliterated her health. The beautiful singer lost her beauty and appeared to be a shell of her former self.

Ray C has been in and out of rehab twice got better and seems to have kicked the nasty habit and is getting her life back on track.

Due to treatment, the singer put on a substantial amount of weight and lost her petite shape.

She has however done a complete 180 and is looking stunning nowadays.

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Ray C opened up about how she is very much in love with her new body size and how she will not destroy it with drugs.

Nimeanza kumpenda Huyu dada Ray C sitaki kumdhuru tena kwa sumu wala bunduki nataka Azidi kunivutia kila nimuonapo kiooni