Bongo superstar Rayvanny has finally spoken up about his apparent relationship with wannabe socialite Mishi Dora. The lass is one of the stars from the popular but ratchet reality show Nairobi Diaries.

Mishi has been going round town claiming that she had a few romping sessions with the singer from her recent trip to Tanzania. And now Rayvanny has said that the relationship does not exist and he has declined any of Mishi’s advances.

Following posts on social media, the woman, who is of an older age than Rayvanny declared her love for the kijusosinger, and even swore she would do everything within her reach to win his heart, as reported by global publishers.

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“I love Rayvanny, I will use every way possible to show him my love and fulfill my hearts desires, I truly love him,” she wrote..

Rayvanny has admitted to knowing this woman, saying he had seen the stories about her online, and that she was only after ruining his name.

“I don’t want to talk about this woman at all, because as I can see her plan is to ruin my name. There is a time I came to Kenya and I was told about her, again back home the story is the same. I have nothing to say because if someone decides to ruin your name you can say nothing about it,” Said Rayvanny.

We cannot wait to see what Mishi’s response will be.