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Real Madrid Ranked World’s Richest Football Club


Real Madrid has been named as the world’s most valuable football club by Forbes for the fourth consecutive year.

The La Liga giants are worth $3.645 billion which sees them surpass their arch rivals Barcelona who come in second valued at $3.549 billion.

Six Premier League teams feature in the top 10 richest clubs, with United leading the pack joined by Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham.

The study conducted by Forbes ranked Real Madrid as the world’s second richest sports team just falling behind the Dallas Cowboys American football team which it valued at four billion dollars (£2.77 billion).

Here is the list of Forbes’ top 10 world’s most valuable football teams:

1 Real Madrid – 3.645bn US dollars (£2.52 billion)

  • 2 Barcelona – 3.549bn dollars (£2.46 billion)

    3 Manchester United – 3.317bn dollars (£2.3bn)

    4 Bayern Munich – 2.678bn dollars (£1.85 bn)

    5 Arsenal – 2.017bn dollars (£1.4 bn)

    6 Manchester City – 1.921bn dollars (£1.33bn)

    7 Chelsea – 1.661bn dollars (£1.15bn)

    8 Liverpool – 1.548bn dollars (£1.07bn)

    9 Juventus – 1.299bn dollars (£900 M)

    10 Tottenham – 1.017bn dollars (£704 M)

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