Forget that whole geek chic BS, those are just wanna-bes and posers. I am talking about real live, honest to utiaji levels, clueless nerds. The type who would run after a conductor just to tell him that he forgot to charge him, or that guy in class who’s always being sought the morning before class so that guys can copy work off of, or that guy who never goes for sports because he does not feel comfortable changing in front of other dudes like he could see something he doesn’t have himself. These guys may just as well have the qualities you’ve been trying to instil in the long line of bad boys you’ve been dating, to no avail.

1. Geeks Are Passionate
Barak Obama the GeekIt takes dedication to study four long years consistently and without fail. If he gets you in his cross hairs, then you are sure that this guy will work day and night on making you feel great. They will ensure to make you one of the priorities in their life. He’ll probably even name a formula after you, just to show how much you mean to him.

2. Geeks Are loyal
Reasons A Girl Should Date A Geek3Like hoes, dudes who seem to be too sure about themselves tend to think of themselves like credit; sambaza themselves to all who need it. A geek however, has been so alone most of the time that he treasures every human bond he finds himself attached to. This explains why there’s always that one nerd in the group of cool college dudes or even at the work place. They know they are doing the donkey work, but to them “those are my friends.” Wouldn’t you want that sort of loyalty and dedication in your life for yourself ladies?

3. Geeks Notice Details
detailsThese guys really pay attention to details. How is it that you forgot that one step in the two page empirical formula for whatever that element was, yet that chopi guy got all of it? You did remember, just not which one came before the other. If you want guys who compliment you about every new shoe, nail colour, hairstyles etc. then you are best placed being with nerds.

4. Geeks Respect Women
RespectLet me just say that this is not limited to geeks only. Most men do respect women, but probably these guys would have so much more respect than others, I guess. They would not be found raising their voices at a girl or dismissing them during arguments. They would most likely worship you too much to want to upset you, especially kama umeiva.

5. Geeks Have No Pretence
No PretenseWe generally do not expect geeks to be pretenders. Like I said in my intro, these guys are genuine to a fault and you do not have to guess what they are thinking or how they are feeling about something in particular. What you see is what you get, but they have a gentle way of also saying when they disapprove of other things.

By Thomas Rajula