tanasha donna, diamond platnumz
Image credit: Tanasha Donna on Instagram

After numerous speculations about Tanasha’s delivery, she finally cleared the air concerning the birth of her son.

She had earlier on rebuked gossips who claimed that her son had passed away. During Diamond’s birthday on October 2, she took to her Instagram page to celebrate her champions’ birthdays “Happy birthday to the loves of my life. God is good…”

Here are the reasons why her son’s birth is special :    

1. It Was Complication-free.

Tanasha boasted to her fans about pushing her baby during his birth.

“It was a natural birth, no epidural as much as I had begged for one…” Going by her sentiments, Tanasha had no birth complications in spite of the speculations that went round on social media.

It could be that Kenyans were impatiently waiting to usher in the young chibude. A few days after the birth of her son, she has flaunted with a flat and admirable tummy on social media. This could have been a miraculous birth!

2. A Shared Birthday With The Father.

Donna’s family is apparently a family of shared birthdays.

Could it be pure coincidence or is it that fate brought them together and wants to bind them for good?

Well, Dee was even more surprised by the realisation that Tanasha shares a birthday with his mother. So he couldn’t have been more amused when his son was born on the same day as him.

As Diamond celebrated his 30th birthday on 2nd October he also took to social media to celebrate his son’s big day.“Happy Birthday to us…” He wrote on instagram accompanying the post with a photo of him holding his son. 

3. First-born Manenoz.

Truth be told, first-born children are special to their parents.

This is not any different for Tanasha’s son. He is special before Tanasha’s eyes as he is her first child. This is not the case for Dee, because this is his fifth child. His son’s birthday was received with less or no pomp and colour. Pro’ly Dee is already used to having newborns. 


4. Security is Tight.

Tanasha had earlier on hinted that her son will bear an Islamic name but since then she hasn’t revealed the name given to her son.

She later announced that she would do everything to keep her son safe from bad people: “I am afraid that bad people will find him and harm him. We have already  discussed the name but we cannot share it at the moment…”

This clearly shows that Tanasha wants to keep her son away from the evil eye. That pro’ly explains why she hasn’t unveiled her son’s face or opened an I.G. page for him unlike other celebrities do.

5. More Blessings.

A few days after the birth of his son, Dee flaunted a trophy he won during the Best of Africa Awards. Dee received a community action award during the event.

The birth of Tanasha’s son is evidently associated with good tidings.