Relationships are the most unpredictable situations you can get yourself into. Today you are all over each other’s social media platforms tomorrow you are no more. Its kind of like Nairobi weather, freezing cold, then hot then back to freezing cold.

Following the recent break up of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, is it ever the right time to get matching tattoos?  Pete Davidson previously got a tattoo cover up of his ex girlfriend, Cazzie David. They dated from 2016 and broke up on May 16th 2018. Maybe this should have been a lesson to him. Days after their new status announcement, Pete gets two new tattoos of Ariana Grande. One was of her signature bunny ears and the other one was of her initials, AG. Ariana also got a tattoo in memory of Pete’s dad. She also got a tattoo of Pete’s name on her left ring finger. Like every other couple, the two love birds also got matching tattoos. The ‘happy ever after’ relationship that got everyone in that love mood hit the rocks. It is not official yet. Their decision concerning their tattoos is not known. They may decide on getting cover up tattoos.


This strikes the question, when is it ever the right time to get a tattoo of your partner? Love is the best gift this world has to offer. However, some decisions need more than just a few cute photos together to make. Before getting a tattoo of someone, you should really think about it.