Imagine yourself comfortably sited on the couch texting your boo, best friend or even some random stranger you just met on the internet then you look up at the wall clock and it hits you; your favorite T.V show is either airing or is just about to start. You try searching for the remote control and you just can’t seem to find it. You look on to the other side of the room and there it is. But it seems so far away and you are feeling too lazy to get up and go pick it up so you’re stuck there, gazing at your phone, wishing it could magically turn into a remote control and then you would switch stations to whatever you want to watch.

remote appWell, with a 21st Century smart T.V and a smart phone you don’t need a remote control. You could just download the Remote Control for TV application straight to your mobile phone and use it as your T.V’s remote controller.

Remote control for T.V is an Android app developed by Sydney Apps that allows your phone to double up as your T.V’s remote control. The tricky bit about having this app work on your T.V however, is that you have to have both your T.V and your mobile device connected to the same Wi-Fi (internet)

I know what you must be thinking right now, “T.V connected to the internet, like WTF??” right? Well yes, some television devises by L.G, Samsung, Android and Apple do have the ability to connect to the internet and it’s only with such T.Vs that you can get to enjoy showing off with this amazing phone application.

So if you don’t already own one then go out there and get it and so you could call, text, surf the internet and even operate your T.V set all from the same device – your mobile phone.remote control app

By Kevin Kibera