American Rnb super star was in the 254 the other day for Coke Studio Africa and peeps, the ladies especially, were all in a dither. The ‘Miss Independent’ singer who recorded mash up with various African top acts, was quite taken with the Kenyan Show Biz scene and was spotted prowling different clubs through out his stay.


With clubbing came hogging and inevitably, Groupies. Reports kept on surfacing about how the girls would literally line up, in longer queues than the infamous mlolongo, hoping to be the ones to grace Neyo’s bed.

Now that he’s gone, confessions are streaming in.

According to Pulse, a popular socialite says she actually spentd some good times with the singer in his hotel together with two girlfriends. She was overheard telling her pals how she ‘fungad’ Ne-Yo after catching his attention with a ‘double tap’.

I have no idea as to how that could be something to brag over but well, ‘socialite’ is the operative word here. Just for grabs, who do you think it is?


Joe Black