Wangechi is back with a new joint, and it is pure flames.

cardiac arrest

The rapper, who is a strong contender for hottest Female Emcee of the moment (watch your back Femi One), built up the anticipation to the release of ‘Cardiac Arrest’ from the beginning of the week up until its release earlier today at midnight.

The song is approximately four minutes and here Wangechi channels her inner Twista by rapping very fast over some well-produced beats; basically speaking, she’s putting everyone who’s been sleeping on her on high alert.

In the song, she speaks about overcoming tough times, as well as of the numerous unsung stories that are yet to be shared. After listening to what I have, 10 times at that (yes, it’s that good), I can only hope that these stories are laid on down in form of bars on a track; or to say the least, they will inspire her to maintain her upward trajectory.

9 out of 10 for me; straight heat. The only way is up for Wangechi.

Review by: Doug L Fresh