What is it with rappers? I mean, surely, I understand there’s something about rappers and jail but c’mon, these offenses just ain’t worth it. Yesterday it was Diddy who went to the slammer for assaulting his son’s strength and conditioning coach…
Rick Ross Mug Shot

Today, it’s Rozay who was picked up early this morning by US Marshalls at his Fayette county home. He is being booked for kidnapping and aggravated battery. The incident happened two weeks earlier. According to the Marshals, Rozay whipped a pistol at the complainant who works at one of his homes and barred him from leaving the house.

This is the second time he is being arrested in the same county. A while ago, he was booked for marijuana possesion. He got away with that but this is more than a misdemeanor pot bust. If the charges against him are proved, he could be facing serious time. But, as always, the age old question remains, will they?

Source: Billboard

Story by Joe Black