Promo artwork for American Oxygen

Rihanna recently performed a live version of her new song, “American Oxygen” at the March Madness music festival in Indianapolis. If you don’t subscribe to Tidal, then that’s too bad because then, you can’t listen to the full studio version of the song as it was only released on Tidal. The music streaming device that is owned by Jay Z.


Promo artwork for BBHMM

Online stream versions of the song are available, if you’re lucky enough to find a link that hasn’t been deleted yet.  The full version, which you can probably expect to hear on her upcoming R8, is out now. It’s a sequel to the newly recent ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ (BBHMM).

When you do get a chance to listen to the track, we’d like to know what you think. J

Photo Credits: MTV


-Vera Maina