Rihanna has been doing so good in the music industry and now has ventured into the fashion industry dropping her make up line ,Fenty beauty.The brand is doing so well and its is likely to out do Kylie cosmetics and KKW cosmetics by Kim Kardashian.The brand has had an awesome sale being only six months old.I mean its Rihanna people,who would not to look as delish as Rihanna.Fenty beauty on its  first sale sold five times higher than Kylie cosmetics first sale.More so,in the second month the sales were 34%higher.Fenty beauty is only sold through Sephora is ahead of Kat Von D make up by Louis Vuitton.For a start, Fenty is totally on its best trajectory.

However, for this to work Fenty fans are spending big in the make up category roughly $471 compared to Kat Von D who spend $371.Fenty is really meeting the consumer needs by having a big draw for a more consumer base,beating other brands in this metric.It has the most African-American and Hispanic shoppers,along with a good base of Asian customers.Fenty serves all taste and preferences from bright to dark shades.


 Rihanna’s make up line caters for all skin types whether black or white fenty makes us one.Rihanna is really exceptional and inspiring so many who want to a notch higher than her.Rihanna is really out get the world.it has definitely become a woman’s world.

By Brianas Njoroge