Ringtone was ambushed by a group of street boys while shopping for spare parts for his car downtown – who forced him to part with a good sum of money

Gospel artiste Ringtone Apoko was on Wednesday was on Wednesday confronted by a group of street boys in town where he had gone to shop for his car’s spare parts.

The ‘Tenda Wema’ singer told Pulse how they confronted him asking for money claiming that he is a ‘Sonko’,

“They confronted me calling me ‘Sonko’ and insisting I should walk the talk. They did a verse of Tenda Wema, stretched their hands and said I should simply bless them with some money and leave.”

He ended up forking out Kshs. 50,000, an act he says really pleased him,

“I ended up shopping for them and buying food for them, something that left me about Sh 50,000 less. That was a big lesson for me. My heart was fulfilled,”