It is the question on everyone’s lips after Beyoncé released her explosive new album, Lemonade, on Sunday.

And while Rachel Roy has been the number one candidate for the mystery other woman Beyoncé mentions in the eye-opening track, ‘Sorry’, some fans now believe former Roc Nation star Rita Ora could be ‘Becky with the good hair’.

Fans flocked to social media to accuse the 25-year-singer of causing trouble in Beyoncé and Jay Z relationship after a recent Snapchat image she posted was highlighted by some followers.

Is this Becky? Rita Ora has become the latest star accused of being the 'Becky with the good hair' who had an affair with Jay Z - pictured together in January 2014Clue? Fans accused the 25-year-singer of causing trouble in Beyoncé and Jay Z's relationship after she posted a snap in a lemon bra just days before Beyonce's album release

In a series of Snapchat pictures posted on April 21, just days before Beyoncé released her album, Rita was seen wearing a semi-sheer bra which protected her modesty with strategically placed lemons.

While the bra was in fact one of many fruit motif items from her collaboration with lingerie label, Tenezis, it was Rita’s choice of necklace that truly had ‘Queen Bey’s fans – who call themselves the Beyhive – buzzing with disdain.

Collegues: Rita was asked about the affair claims back in 2014 during an appearance on Power 105FM's The Breakfast Club and instantly shut the interviewer down