The music industry is a ruthless jungle with highly competitive inhabitants. Talk of producers trying to steal songs, promoters out to steal artists money , record labels ready to exploit young artists , radio stations waiting for bribes to play songs and many more people ready to bring down potential competition in the industry.

The problem with such struggles is that they normally demotivate artists to their downfall. Artists end up loosing their zeal to pursue their music passion and careers thus opt out of the industry for other hustles.

Where there is sorrow, hope is always lurking in the horizon. The new generation of artists have however developed clever underhand methods to launch their music careers amidst all the predators in the market. Most of them have been criticized on these tactics but they seem to be working well for the lucky few who have implemented them correctly. Here are some of these tactics:

Collabos and endorsements by popular artists 

Artiste collaboration is fast becoming one of the biggest creative forces driving the music industry. Upcoming artists use it as a platform to project their talent to the wider audience. Upcoming names have collaborated with already developed artists in the industry and that has led to their explosion. A good example of such is Vic mass who did a collaboration with re-known artiste Octopizzo in ‘Bank Otuch’. The song hit the airwaves proving to be the biggest song the young rapper has ever made. Another trick used by some of this artists is befriending musicians who have already made it in the industry. This is also a clever move as one uses the pre-existing fan base of the already established artists to build a brand of their own. An example is Bensoul who has been nurtured by Sauti Sol being their first signee of the Sol Generation Records.

Releasing X-rated controversial songs

The rise of the new breed of music with X-rated lyrics and ratchet dance videos has taken over the industry in a big way, causing a disruption it was never ready for. These musicians have invented have invented a unique way of attracting their fans’ attention without the support from key stakeholders within the industry. They do not need TV or radios stations to play their songs, the internet is their playground. With cheap low quality songs and hood rap, they are good to go. Some even go ahead to produce music videos using their smartphones.  This new technique has proven to be the easiest way to blow up as an upcoming artiste without having to bribe someone or having a hard time with producers and the media.Ethic are a good example when they took the internet by storm using ‘Lamba lolo’ as their debut song. Another group that used the same technique was Ochungulo family with their hit song ‘Kiriminio’.


Taking advantage of social media

Social media is the king when it comes to the entertainment industry. It is one of the most effective channels to promote music in this digital era. An individual’s level of influence within the digital space contributes a lot to the number of views and streams that one song gets on digital streaming platforms. Gone are the days when people sold CDs and tapes. Nowadays, consumers prefer getting everything at the palm of their hands. This is the reason why online fame is key when one wants to grow their music on various digital platforms. Growing your music becomes much easier if you can easily influence people online. An example of such artists is Vera Sidika who became a celebrity before venturing into music. she used her online fame to propel her to pushing her first song which hit a staggering 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Doing a refix 

Many upcoming artists both upcoming and established have often done refixes of popular songs to re invigorate their careers when they risk of becoming irrelevant hits. Refixes are quite different from doing a remix. A refix is like a remix of the refix if you know what I mean. It is simply changing the direction of the song to sound how you like it while maintaining the whole vybe of the song. Refixes provide huge clout for artists as they are riding on an already existing wave. An example is like Kalighraph Jones who did ‘toa tint’ which was a refix of ‘Mask off’.

Popular song covers 

Singing popular song covers can be a blast! It is a perfect way to connect to more fans by giving them your own rendition of a song they already know.The technique is easier as one can get famous as they ride on an already existing wave. This makes it easier for them to explode in the music scene. An example is Kym Keam who did the ‘Hayawani’ cover by Nyashinski.

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