The former reality star was rushed to hospital when his health worsened after earlier telling family he ‘wasn’t feeling well,’ a source told TMZ.

Rob Kardashian has been diagnosed with diabetes, according to a new report.

Hospitalised: Rob Kardashian, seen in June in Woodland Hills, remains in hospital afster being diagnosed as diabetic

After a series of tests were performed, the 28-year-old was stabilized and is now recovering at home, with the report claiming that Rob has been diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious complication of diabetes that occurs when someone’s body produces high levels of blood acids, or ketones.

Flashback: The son of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian was photographed at Tryst Nightclub in Las Vegas in December 2011 
2011, When he was much more healthy and happy

It has been evident in past years that Rob has been spiraling out of control and dealing with depression. His famous family have not hidden their concern for their only brother and son. It is a sad affair.

However it should open our eyes up to the importance of accepting help from  family when you are down, chances are they always mean well.