Temperatures dropping shouldn’t stop you from looking good and confident in what you wearing. Here are clothes to wear to make you feel stylish, without having to look like a giant marshmallow.

Trench coats. They are the winning definition of stylish, they have a liner to keep you warm.You can team it with either a scarf or muffler.

Beanie hat. They are warm for the head, unisex and can be rocked as you please. Beanies look best with more casual weekend outfits, like coats, denim, and sneakers.

Scarf. This is also another fashionable way to add style to your outfit and keep warm. Scarves can be worn both casually and with official outfits. For official, make sure the size of the scarf is right. Do not let it swallow up your suit/dress. For a casual look, you get creative on how you put on the scarf.

Boots. These are like basic requirements for a cold weather. They go with almost anything. It might be tricky when you want to wear a dress with boots. However, one trick is, you should let your legs show a little. Rubber boots are fun and convenient considering the rains. However, do not go all-cartoonish.



Fur coats. Fur coats are a really fun way to dress up in this cold weather. However, if you do it wrong, you can end up looking like a fury animal. The trick is to keep it simple. Do not go over board.

For more information on street style grab a copy of The Insyder in The Sunday Standard.