Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho Gaucho is really a man of many talents. Some time back, during an interview, a journalist asked the star what he would have been were it not for football.

“Music,” he replied. We all know that it’s easier said than done, but you can’t believe that Ronaldinho is now a musician. Yes, he is. He just dropped his new track called ‘Sozinho, Samba for ‘Alone’.

“Me, now alone. I do not feel weaker or stronger but who knows fate? Comfort me in this battle,” are some of the lyrics in the song. Ronaldinho’s footballing career is on it’s sunset and him venturing into music is indeed something. He is known to love music, and has even featured in some projects before. However, he now seems to want to pen down his own feelings, as even the song ‘Sozinho’ itself seems to be speaking his own feelings.

“Alone for the first time. Alone, the mind goes beyond the beyond. Alone, but with strength and faith to continue,” he sings.

Ronaldinho now joins a long list of footballers-turned-musicians, a list that includes Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan.