Muhando Rose
Rose Muhando is being sought after by cops in Bongo
Muhando Rose
Cops in Bongo are after Rose Muhando

Meanwhile in Bongo, gospel artist Rose Muhando is being sought after by the Kijitonyama, Mabatini,  police department in Dar-es-salaam. This is after Kabagambe Tchanda, a Nigerian who works in DR Congo, reported her to the 5-0 (cops) claiming that he had paid her money to perform at a concert. She did not show up for the show, and thereafter went missing with all the money.

An investigation carried out by the cops revealed that indeed Tchanda had met with Muhando in July and had agreed upon a performance fee of US$ 5,000. Luckily for the Naija promoter, he had paid Rose US$ 1,900 as a deposit. The remaining US$ 3,100 was to be paid after the show. These negotiations took place in Magomeni in Mwembechai in Dar.

This is now an on-going case at the Kijitonyama ‘Mabatini’ Police department. The case number is KJN/RB/7122/14 KUJIPATIA PESA KWA NJIA YA UDANGANYIFU.

You can read the full story (in Kiswahili) here: Rose Muhando Warrant of Arrest Issued

Source: Baabkubwa Magazine