If you ever thought stories of exorcism are only in the movies, here is one that will leave you shocked.

Tanzanian famous gospel singer Rose Muhando has been the topic of discussion. This is after a video of her exorcism went viral on social media.

In the video Rose is called out by Pastor James Nganga of Neno Evangelism Centre. She walks to the front of the church. The pastor is seen casting out the ‘demons’ and questioning them and by whom they had been sent.

The ‘demons’ speaking through Rose Muhando claim they had ensured she does not sing and that she was to stay away from home.

The video then shows Rose after the exorcism talking after the ‘demons’ leave her body. She talks about her life of bondage and disruption of her family.


The video has raised a lot of criticism from the members of the public both positive and negative. A Famous Tanzanian musician e.mbasha on his instagram page claims he supports prayer but the way Rose Muhando’s  case was handled is quite saddening.  He claims prayer is supposed to be performed as a secret act not when the cameras are on for the world to see.

The video has since received 11000 views. Watch it below: