Mca Tricky and Rue Baby have been recently posting suggestive photos on social Media. By the look of things the two could be dating. That did not go past Akothee’s eyes, she already knows the two have a thing. She recently took a jab at Rue on Instagram, for dating a man with shaggy hair.

“@Rue Baby_ if you think of dating a man let him shave his hair please @ Mca Tricky you  will not ask for double saloon money. Men with this kind of hair is troubles.

Mca Tricky however was fast to defend himself and he also took to I.G and responded to Akothee’s sentiments.

“Someone tell Akothee this! Word going round that your daughter ooh Rue Baby is under siege courtesy of me ,let me state it categorically, unapologetically, and synergetically that this lady beside me is the problem, so deal with the problem madam Boss .Not my hair!”


So what for the two love birds?