Oprah, like MJ, Elvis, 2Pac is one of these people we never imagine can die. You know those above the laws of nature. I mean there are still sightings of 2 Pac and Elvis, decades after their deaths, while MJ is an even bigger star in his death.

oprahWe sometimes just go for random checkups (when they are free of course), but we never actually expect any bad news from the doctors. We feel fine, ergo, we are fine. Oprah was however given the shock of her life when after a routine check-up turned into her having less than four months to live following a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

“I’ve made more money than I could spend in a life time, but I’m going to enjoy seeing what kind of dent I can put in $2 billion in 3 months” Said Oprah proclaiming that she would spend half her fortune making a few lucky fans dreams come true, donating the rest and while leaving something for her dog and Steadman.

Michael-Jackson-Oprah-Winfrey-WallpaperOprah seem to be in high spirits saying “Why be sad when I can buy a small country, name it Oprah, and live forever”

What would you do if you had all that cash and just a few months to live?