Ruth Jebet just won the 3000m women’s steeplechase, something which would have brought pride to Kenya; except she was running for Bahrain and not Kenya.

Photograph by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images
Photograph by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Kenya however had a literal silver lining when last year’s champion Hyvin Jepkemoi finished in second place, bringing Kenya’s total medal count to 4( 1 gold and 3 silver).

Jebet put up a very dominant show, finishing 8 seconds ahead of Jepkemoi; she also almost broke the world record for it, missing it by one second.

This win for Bahrain has sparked a debate on social media on whether it is right and ethical for athletes to switch nationalities without penalties. Most people feel that patriotism should come ahead of money, while more level-headed social media users really believe that there’s no need for patriotism when the Olympics and athletics boards are not taking care of their athletes adequately.

What do you think of the whole matter?