Most of us have only known William Ruto as the boisterous and affable politician. What we have never seen though, is how he looked when he was a young man trynna make it in this life…….

Pictures of Deputy President William Ruto as an evangelist from back in the day have been shared on social media just today

One of the images, which were shared on Facebook by the Kenya Film Classification Board chief executive officer Ezekiel Mutua, shows the DP carrying a bible on one hand and what appears like a still camera on the other.

Ezekiel captioned the photos

Evangelist WSR back in the day. . .Now Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya. Truly inspiring. This is what happens when you serve God diligently in your youth!

However what makes this interesting is some of the opinions and comments that the photos have sparked.


Stephene Sangira wondered:

“Then at what point did his appetite for acquiring earthly materials come from.”

Achien’ga Achola wrote:

“William Samoei Ruto has worked his way up. God in one way or the other blessed him. That is why he could challenge the Moo (Moi) dominance).”

It is clear that the picture sparked varying opinions on the true nature of the young William Ruto